Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall

Everyone is allll about the "pallet wall" or making things out of shipping pallets, but I hate those things. They're full of splinters, the wood is a minimum of a 1" thickness, so it's heavy as hell when you screw it together, and sometimes it has really weird stuff stuck to it from shipping raw food or sitting outside near dumpsters. No.

I'm opting for lighter, more uniform, already sanded wood pieces for my projects, namely - IKEA bed slats! 

People buy IKEA beds, they come with a huge stack of slats to keep their mattresses in the frames, and then they eventually upgrade to something more mature, like Crate & Barrel. And, for some reason, they get rid of their IKEA beds but end up leaving piles of the slats on the curb for me to find. I've already made a set of patio furniture out of them, so why not a wood feature wall? 

Step 1: Find IKEA bed slats and some other random pieces of wood, like old trim or driftfood. 

Step 2: Stain, paint, distress

Step 3: Nail to wall. 


  • Wood stain - on hand
  • Wood - found or free
  • Paint samples - $5
  • Sandpaper, 1/4 sheet - $.05
  • Nails for nail gun - $5


holly harperComment