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Blue Bike offers hands-on marketing consulting for people who need more hands.

We simplify, reorganize, and help manage your marketing, so your small business or nonprofit can proudly share its awesomeness.


Hey there, I’m Holly Harper. I’m a strategic marketing consultant.

I founded Blue Bike Communications in 2010 to help small businesses and nonprofits get their marketing communications moving so they know who they are, they know how to tell people about all of their awesomeness, and they’re proud to talk about, show off, and live their missions.

Today, I work with small businesses and nonprofits buried under a heap of marketing “stuff” they have to do (and need to do), but feel like they can’t quite get on top of it all. I can step in as your in-house marketing director and lead your team, or pull together a team of my trusted specialists, to start checking items off the list.

If you’re ready to get out of your rut and get things moving, then we are going to love working together.

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After the Blue Bike treatment, our annual report is something our donors WANT to read. It’s helping us raise money and awareness because people can understand our impact.
— Legal Action Center

What Our Collaborators Are Saying


from photos to facebook

Blue Bike has great ideas about all aspects of how we present our business. Holly took our website from a cookie cutter template to one that really reflects the feel and values of our business - and the response has been great! A joy to work with, she has a real personal connection to her work and clients.
— East Capitol Dental

Conquering the scary internet

I don’t really know how to use a computer, and I was ready to call it quits. I had an old website and people wanting to sell me ads I didn’t understand. Now, I trust Holly and her team with everything - and I’ve fallen back in love with my work.
— donegan's tree service

Set it and forget it

A significant part of my business comes from SEO, so I need regular social content on a pretty technical topic. Blue Bike ensures I get weekly blogs, monthly newsletters, and all of my social produced - sometimes I’m surprised at how interesting my own Twitter feed is!
— Jennifer Woofter