You're awesome.


If you're visiting Blue Bike, then you're probably awesome. Blue Bike isn't designed for SEO. I didn't carve it out of cyberspace to dazzle strangers who Google "marketing consultant on bike." You're here because I want you here. Because we've met. Or because you've met someone who has met me. Or because you're having a really lucky day. 


All the conventional wisdom would have me posting on LinkedIn and blogging about marketing to try and draw inbound leads to my little hub. But I'm not doing much of that. I'm playing to my strengths. I've figured out how to get leads for my business. I call them on the phone. I dazzle them with my outstanding work. I mine them for new leads. I repeat the process. 

And here you are, awesome visitor. 

Looks like it might be working. And if it stops working, I'll figure out a new plan.

Marketing isn't templates. It's about considering the smartest route to your destination with your real-life resources and challenges. Let's map something out together. 

- Holly Harper, Principal
Blue Bike Communications



What exactly do you do here?
Mostly TPS reports. With cover sheets.

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Hundreds of projects. Thousands of lists. Dozens of campaigns. Piles of articles. And one little tiny human.

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