The Least Exciting Space - Hallway

With three entire days of uninterrupted work time in July, you'd think I'd have moved mountains or learned the plumbing trade, but instead I finished the hallway.


There was a nice vacant spacet behind a wall that needed opening, reframing, and finishing to make a linen/vacuum cleaner storage closet.

I also needed to create a door frame leading into the bedroom, hang the door, put up a 1/4 mile of ceiling trim, figure out the baseboards, blah, blah, blah.

It was so much work for very little visible progress. 



  • Bedroom door frame - $20
  • Bedroom door - FREECYCLE
  • Trim for ceiling, baseboards, etc. - $40 
  • Paint - FREECYCLE
  • Mirror - FREECYCLE
  • Linen closet shelves, brackets, door, and decor - $0
  • Linen closet hinges - $10
  • Extra-long screws to put the light fixture & smoke detector (not yet complete) back up on the ceiling - $6
  • Nail gun nails - $3
  • Vacuum cleaner - FREECYCLE