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I’m glad you’ve decided to find out more about Blue Bike.

We help small businesses and nonprofits get their marketing communications moving so they know who they are, they know how to tell communicate effectively all of their awesomeness, and they’re proud to talk about, show off, and live their missions.

My ideal clients are organizations who are tired of feeling buried under all the marketing stuff they have to do and want to do, and they’re ready to tighten up their marketing machine so they can do what they do best: make a difference in the world.


About me

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The best thing about Holly has nothing to do with her writing. It’s her ability to bring an understanding of business intent and reader mindset to the writing that makes her first and foremost a contributor of smarts and style. Don’t get me wrong, her writing is great and the moment Holly locks into the backstory of a project brief, she always exceeds expectations.
— Hickok Cole Creative
 Have you hired a marketing consultant before and got all excited, but just ended up with a high-priced to-do list full of very obvious advice that you still don’t have the capacity to actually tackle? (Or worse….)?
 Do you keep thinking, “our website needs updated,” but the even the thought of trying to find the password gives you a headache?

What I believe about marketing

#1: Stick to the basics.

Even with the chaos of social media and everybody freaking out about what they should or shouldn’t be doing, plus worrying about what’s falling through the cracks, I believe the principles of marketing haven’t changed as much as people think they have. Go back to the basics. Figure out:

  • Who you’re trying to reach.

  • Where they get their information.

  • What action you want them to take once you reach them.

  • How you measure success.

#2: Focus on what you’re good at.

I believe that being terrible at something (like graphic design or writing emails or Tweeting) is normal, so stop doing something you’re terrible at and focus on what you’re really good at!

#3: Catch one cat at a time.

People get paralyzed when faced with too many overwhelming choices and long task lists. If we stop trying to herd the cats and start start by focusing on grabbing just one at a time, you’ll feel better, and things will start to fall into place. 

#4: Caring about people is important.

It takes trust to open up your unorganized marketing closet and face the piles of Excel sheets and outdated everything. But I’ve been where you are, and I have hired consultants to help me grow my own business. I believe in earning trust, working hard, and caring about my clients as much as they care about theirs. I approach every job as an opportunity for humility, learning, and service.

#5: Doing good work gets to be FUN!

I’ve found something I love doing, so every day I am re-energized by what’s on my to-do list. I want to help you rewrite your to-do list, see the path forward, and outline ways we can walk together, one step at a time. My dream is, after working with me, you’ll feel the same way about your job as I do about mine.