Patchwork Flooring

For the bathrooms, tile. But since we're salvaging, the tile is mix and match. It looks perfect in the 20-square-foot space, but as we move onto the second bathroom, it remains to be seen whether it will come together. 

For the bedrooms, I'm trying out the ol' paper bag flooring tutorial, famous on the Pinterest. I'm almost ready for the first coat of poly....

And for the main living space, we currently have bamboo. It's thrashed in so many places, and the previous owners removed a wall and didn't bother to replace/repair the flooring. They just put a board over the hole perpendicular to the cut. And the board didn't even fit. 

So, I salvaged a bunch of other boards, found some mismatched (but same type) of bamboo on clearance, and am doing a combo painted floor + perpendicular room divider with stripes. Either I'm a genius or It's going to look awful.