Blue Bike is an on-demand marketing department, tackling big projects and more modest ones so our clients can get things rolling.

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Blue Bike led this rebranding project for an engineering firm in Boise, Idaho. We implemented an employee survey, interviewed customers and executives, and translated the data into a document that provided clear direction for the words, photography, and substantive changes the firm should take to achieve its vision for the future. The analysis document was provided to our specialized logo development partner so she could create a selection of logos for the firm to choose from.

The final result: A new logo, branding guide, mission/vision/values statement, unique selling proposition, a selection of ideas to effectively roll-out the new logo to stakeholders, and feedback about key stakeholder concerns.

Collaborator: W Design

Project Management: Rebranding, website redesign, marketing plan

Blue Bike stepped in to lead a multi-phase marketing project for the Boise Phil. The Phil had completed its five-year strategic plan, but lacked the resources to implement the initial recommendations: updated website, new logo, and a comprehensive marketing plan to help communicate the new strategic direction. We delivered a best-practice comparison to help the Board feel confident in the new direction, and coordinated with in-house stakeholders to reach project milestones.

The final result: A new logo, branding guide, WordPress site integrated with the Phil’s ticketing system, website copy, marketing strategy document with recommendations for content on each platform, a “brand roll-out guide,” and a 2019 Season Ticket Sales marketing plan. We also wrote the job description to help the organization hire a qualified marketing director.

Collaborators: W Design, Hand Eye Design

Copy of Marketing Strategy | Rebranding + Website + Marketing Plan + Implementation

Comprehensive Marketing Management

Jim and Patty Donegan have run a successful tree-care company in Loudoun County, Virginia, since the 1980s. But Jim and Patty’s marketing expertise had not kept up with the dramatic changes in digital . When I met Jim and Patty, they had been trying to manage a series of ad hoc advertising and marketing efforts, but it was becoming overwhelming, discouraging, and expensive.

The final result: With a modest investment, Blue Bike upgraded the Donegan’s website and logo, produced new marketing materials (brochure, business cards, and promotional items) and laid out a plan for monthly management of their straightforward marketing activities. We now manage Donegan’s monthly marketing work on a retainer basis, updating the website, coordinating advertising, creating a MailChimp newsletter, posting on social media, managing the Google, Facebook, and Yelp! reviews, pitching media stories, and stepping in to help out with whatever it takes so Jim and Patty are excited to go to work each day. Their business is growing, and we are so happy we are a part of Donegan’s 2.0.