Late start: Cottage

It's as if working for myself and my growing number of clients, parenting a preschooler, and starting a weekend photography side gig weren't quite enough. So, we bought a fixer-upper!

"The Cottage," currently in the state of "dumpster chic," allows me to live my Pinterest dreams, get out the house, and give the hubs some much needed space. Additionally, it made me realize that, combined, the hubs and I are slightly (i.e. majorly) obsessed with The Thrift, Freecycle, #curbalert (i.e. free stuff people leave on the sidewalk), yard sales, salvage, and pretty much anything that falls into the category "recycle." 

Here are a few of the projects thus far:

  1. Knobs from a #curbalert dresser.
  2. A chair from the neighborhood listserv with a "custom" slipcover I made using some gorgeous drapes given to me by my BFF. Note: I can't sew for shit. 
  3. Reused tile taken out of the shower stall in one room and put into the kitchen. Even the grout was from Freecycle! 
  4. Fabric wall treatment from thrift fabric and paint from Freecycle (I did purchase the boards to create the picture rail!).
  5. Vinyl tile from a friend installed in the laundry closet.