What exactly are we talking about here?

Good question.

My life purpose is turning ideas into action plans, helping people take confident steps toward their desired destination. My collaborators feel confident, empowered, and secure in their decisions and can measure their progress. 

Watch the life purpose video; it will make sense. 


Just think about why you came to Blue Bike Communications in the first place. You may own a business or run part of a business or work in an organization or are just awesome (as mentioned previously). You are already familiar with marketing and communications. It's likely central to your organizational success. But maybe you're not an expert. Maybe you're too busy with your actual business to set time aside to plan. Maybe you know the basics - just enough to be dangerous - but you don't know what you need to do, exactly. 

That's where I come in. 

Many organizations are following that "conventional wisdom" in their respective industries. Place ads. Have a Facebook page. Blog. Buy pens with your logo on them. But, where is that getting them? Or, better question, where do they want to be? When I look at any project, my first questions are "Who are you trying to influence? To do what? Why?" The answers then shape what, how, who, and how much.

Contrary to popular belief, you might not need social media. You might not need a blog. You might not need a website. (Just kidding. Everyone needs a website.) But you might not need a $15,000 website. Let's look at what you want, what you have, and what you need. Then we make a plan. Sometimes I implement the plan. Sometimes you do. Sometimes we do it together. 

Holly Harper is like a machine. Her brain is loaded with some freakshow computer program that churns out and processes complicated information and delivers results at an unrealistic, exhausting pace. And she’s pretty fun.
— Former Supervisors, All Of Them


Once upon a time there was this really nice man named Dean. He patented this absolutely phenomenal product for cows to sleep on. A waterbed, to be exact. Dean's product works. But no one knew what it was called or where they could buy it. And Dean didn't know what he should do except place ads and send out direct mail to spread the word. The marketing wasn't working well. So I made a marketing plan based on budget, goals, and all the things marketing people consider, and then I implemented it. From training the staff on what is the point of a logo in the first place (they truly didn't seem to know, amiright, Amy?) to engaging in brand awareness, educational campaigns, public relations, and et cetera, to help the whole team grow brand awareness, establish respectability/authority, and increase sales. And, because Dean and his team is awesome (like you, visitor), it worked. We created a message. Controlled the message. Stuck to the message. Spread the message. Together. In fact, we're still at it. 

What about smaller projects?

Of course. Being a busy person taking care of a tiny person, I love one-off work, too! 

In fact, about half of the organizations that I work with just need support and help getting one thing off the ground or out the door or up and running. From copywriting to document production to editing to training material to event plans to strategy recommendations, I can do it.

To put together a press release or complete a full white paper edit or to write your editorial or to update your marketing material or even to piece together your digital advertising campaign - I call that a quarter day's work. I work quickly and efficiently to get you what you need.

I never (never) do a project without keeping the big picture in mind. If you try to hire me to do something for you that I believe is a waste of time or money, I will tell you. I'm about helping people make smart investments with their marketing resources.  

I decided on Blue Bike because I started this business while biking around on a blue bike. Riding in rush hour traffic builds confidence.
— Holly Harper, Sometimes Cyclist

All photography provided by Holly Harper. Except the home page, that's a sculpture by my talented uncle, Jim Gion. He's not only an artist, he's also a client.