What exactly are we talking about here?

Good question.

Our life purpose is turning ideas into action plans, helping people take confident steps toward their desired destination. Our collaborators feel confident, empowered, and secure in their decisions and can measure their progress. 

Watch the life purpose video; it will make sense. 


Just think about why you came to Blue Bike Communications in the first place. You may own a business or run part of a business or work in an organization or are just awesome (as mentioned previously). You are already familiar with marketing and communications. It's likely central to your organizational success. But maybe you're not an expert. Maybe you're too busy with your actual business to set time aside to plan or improve or optimize. Maybe you know the basics - just enough to be dangerous - but you don't know what you need to do, exactly. 

That's where Blue Bike comes in. 

Many organizations are following that "conventional wisdom" in their respective industries. Place ads. Have a Facebook page. Blog. Buy pens with your logo on them. But, where is that getting them? Or, better question, where do they want to be? When we approach any project, our first questions are "Who are you trying to influence? To do what? Why?" The answers then shape what, how, who, and how much.

Contrary to popular belief, you might not need social media. You might not need a blog. You might not need a website. (Just kidding. Nearly everyone needs a website.) But you might not need a $15,000 website. Let's look at what you want, what you have, and what you need. Then we make a plan - a strategic plan, a marketing plan, a social media plan. Sometimes I implement the plan. Sometimes you do. Sometimes we do it together. 

Let's Get Started 

What if I already have a plan and just need support?

Oh, yes. Perfect! We work with dozens of organizations and consultants who just need help implementing the plan. They need "the work done" - storytelling or editing or a pitch or a website or document production or video or creative content or a new logo.

Yes. We do all of that, too. Both as part of marketing plan implementation and for people who have a plan and just need help. 

What's even better? While we do the great, amazing work, we're not afraid to tell you if we think your plan is actually pretty lame or could use a bit of improvement. 

Strategic thinking is our core asset and straight talk is one of our charming qualities. We work hard to to deliver on your behalf, because the only way you're coming back is if we knock it out of the park. 

Batter Up