Shop My Closet! 


shop my closet??! 

I have an extreme closet-cleaning obsession (it's good because I also have an extreme consignment/ThredUp/Poshmark obsession). I love hunting for unique things for my closet, kiddo, and home.  

Every season, I clean out my closet and come up with two dozen or so things that are awesome that I don't wear any more. 

So, come shop my closet on Poshmark

No time to sift and sort?

From bags of nearly new baby clothes to a new table lamp to an old wooden ladder to a $800 iron farm sink, I've found it all (and more) on my far and wide search. For me, it's a way to get out of the house, do something mindless, and find something special.

So, if you're looking for something specific, I'm happy to put it on my hunting queue the next time I spend the day with my latte and a 50% off sale! It's amazing what you'll find out there.

Just shoot me an email at

Check out more of my finds and my "repurposed" cottage renovation project at @freecyclemagazine on Instagram

Things I've found, made, and more...

I'm happy to look on your behalf. I clearly have reached "enough." Haha!