Let us simplify, reorganize, and help manage your marketing.

The purpose of marketing is to effectively share your amazing work with your people so they can hire you, donate to you, support you, find you, or join you.

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Marketing should feel like a celebration of your efforts, your talents, your team and your accomplishments.
Let us help lift the burden.

 Do you keep thinking, “our website needs updated,” but the even the thought of trying to find the password gives you a headache?
You have a mastery of a number of different types of marketing principles. You’re a partner and an ally as we work together. You understand it, make a plan, and then take it and deploy it. You’ve lived and breathed it in the plan, so you can do it, too. It’s remarkable.
— kristy weyhrich


Marketing Audit - We help you understand what is working, what isn’t, and what to do next.

Creating Your Marketing Plan - Every marketing activity and expense should be tracked for its effectiveness related to its cost. We help write it out so it’s easy for managers and directors to make sound decisions on marketing budgets and tactics.

Branding or Re-Branding | Logos, right!? No. Branding is a visual AND written impression of your organization's essential offerings to stakeholders. At the end of a rebranding project, you’ll have logos, colors, fonts, and the words you need to describe your business.

Marketing Support Services | Individual projects or monthly retainer services.

  • Graphic design

  • Photography + videography

  • Website development

  • Copywriting + editing

  • Graphic design

  • Social media planning

  • Content marketing (blogs, newsletters, writing for SEO, outreach, etc.)

When you focus on the people you’re trying to reach and the actions you want them to take, your marketing efforts become more focused and measurable.

It isn’t “going viral” or an “awesome new website” that will supercharge your small business or nonprofit’s efforts. It’s about clearing away the clutter in your mind and on your desk, and then giving yourself permission to prioritize outcomes over deadlines.

The first thing we do is a simple marketing audit, so we can figure out what you can put in the round file. Then we get started on some old fashioned marketing with the power of new, powerful tools.

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Do you need someone to brainstorm with? Run your big dreams by?


I’m your marketing Mary Poppins.

My job is to help you get everything on the table - your hangups, your wishes, your budgets, your constraints, your successes, your stories - help you sort through it all carefully, then walk your through implementation of your new customized marketing system that demonstrably supports and celebrates your work - because you’re awesome! 

Snap! The job’s a game.

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 Does looking at your giant pile of newsletters, social posts, emails, reports, mailers, posters, blogs, and meetings leave you feeling overwhelmed?

Some storytelling, some case studies, some advice for marketers…check it out!