You already know what needs done; let us do it.

Over the past decade, I've worked with small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, helping them "do" marketing (and do marketing better). Taking the marketing principles used by large organizations - from content to email to SEO to branding to automation - I scale down to create a manageable marketing program that fits your realistic budget and resources.

Organizations with 0-3 marketing staff "in-house" are often so busy flying the airplane, it's hard for them to carve out time to make improvements, take on new challenges, or incorporate new efforts. And at the same time, every marketing consultant out there is offering guidance on "how to help.”

You can use Google and find out what you need to do, or you can hire a consultant and end up with a lot of classic nonsense, concepts, and a longer list of things you STILL DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO.

What Blue Bike offers is both sound guidance and hands-on help. By stepping in as embedded improvement specialist and working alongside your team, I can revamp your email marketing system, develop a social media plan and start publishing, assemble an external team to refresh your website or logo, and design your next annual report.

our mission

We are driven by turning ideas into action plans, helping clients take confident steps toward their desired destination. Our clients feel confident, empowered, and secure in their decisions and can measure their progress. 

Watch the life purpose video; it will make sense. 

how we help

Many organizations are following some sort of "conventional wisdom" or “checking the boxes” when it comes to marketing and communications. They may place ads. Have a Facebook page. Blog. Buy pens with logos on them.

But, why?

At Blue Bike, we start with the questions: "Who are you trying to influence? To do what? Why?"

Those answers then shape what tools, which tactics, and how much effort should be applied to your audience(s) to get them to take action!

By starting with the ideal end result, we can narrow down your options and create an actual step-by-step plan to follow that can be measured for meaningful results!

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