Book a 1-hr photo shoot for $200!

I have always loved taking pictures

I took the last darkroom photography class the Journalism school at the University of Oregon ever offered and learned about composition. Now, with technology, anyone can be a decent photographer. Sometimes, however, you just need someone else behind the camera to get shots of your whole family at once

I've been practicing portrait sessions with friends and families in my neighborhood (and using my own family, much to their annoyance).

Let me know if you need a family portrait or someone to come take pics at the kiddo’s birthday party.

1-hour session = $200!

Note: Many of these are low-resolution files for quick viewing.


F(RE)eCycle Magazine

As if Blue Bike, mommy-ing, and photography weren't enough, we bought a fixer-upper! A perfect opportunity for me to live my Pinterest dreams AND document my long-running obsession with The Thrift Lifestyle. From Freecycle to #foundonmywalk to salvage to yard sales, I'm a bargain huntress.

Check it out