A Letter to My Imposter Syndrome: You're Simply Not Good Enough

As a solopreneur, I spend a lot of time chatting with my dog, talking on the phone animatedly even though no one can see me, and online researching marketing “stuff.”

Even though I’ve been working independently for almost NINE YEARS, I 100% still stuffer from imposter syndrome. Every. Single. Day.

Imposter syndrome for me feels like a 1,000-foot-tall, 1,000-mile-wide brick wall between me and my next client. There are no doors or ladders or windows. I think I can hear them over on the other side, but no amount of knocking out code on the wall seems to make a difference.

“You will never get over to the other side of the wall,” My Imposter Syndrome says.

“They’re having a huge successful digital marketing analytics and branding party over there, because they have it allllll figured out. You’re just stuck over here because you have zero value to add to their party. They even have cocktails covered,” My Imposter Syndrome says.

I am alone. I am invisible. I am useless. I don’t “know” anything. I can’t help anyone. I am a fake.

WELL, I AM TIRED OF THIS CONVERSATION. I’m breaking up with my imposter syndrome. Oh, yeah, I know it will come creeping back, bringing me flowers, folding the laundry, sitting quietly next to me hoping I don’t notice. But I’m done with this shit today.

Dear MIS,

Get a life.

I am not alone - I got 10 emails today from 10 different people AND a few texts.

I am not invisible. See? See? People actually “Liked” this post. I exist.

I am not useless. Just this week I created two websites for a local nonprofit, I sent out 15 hours of work to my subcontractors because I believe in them, I created a new worksheet to help grow my own business, and I made people feel better because they are haunted by you, too, and they’re not alone.

I know some shit. Lots of it. Like how to recover someone’s Google Business account or link their site to Google Analytics. Or what’s important to prepare for when giving your first media interview. Or how to choose and design your first ever tradeshow booth. Or how to take beautiful headshots.

I can help people. On Friday, I did a marketing discovery interview with a talented, respected expert in his field. His business is booming. But his website is a trainwreck, there is no story, no vision, no “brand” there. So I helped him clear away the clutter to start to see that he’s not just a “technical expert,” he has an opportunity to build a powerful brand that will connect people, employ people, empower people, and deliver amazing work.

So, I’m pretty much a badass. Leave me alone.


Imposter syndrome haunts us all, and sometimes you don’t even see it happening. In my experience, I feel lost and alone and silent, so my new strategy is to find myself, remind myself, and speak up.

How do you cope?