Your marketing coordinator is swamped, but do you know why?

Your marketing coordinator is harried, rushing around trying to get the newsletter out on time, but the annual report is back for edits and that needs to go out ASAP because you want it in time for the annual fundraising gala.

You see her plugging away at her desk - emails, Facebook posts, another donor letter to get out the door - and wish there was something you could do to help. And you really wish she could catch up because the website needs some major attention.

But, it’s just so much and you don’t even know enough about marketing to offer to help. And you can’t hire another person, it’s just not in the budget.

Does this describe your team?

Is your marketing coordinator a marketing expert?

We take our cars in for routine oil changes and checkups. We take our kids in for the same. We send our taxes to an expert. We outsource things we are not experts in.

Many small businesses and nonprofits have a person who has, by default or happy accident, found herself in the role of marketing. But those same organizations - small businesses and nonprofits - often don’t have the budget to hire a marketing director so they end up with an enthusiastic technician who is awesome at getting things on the list completed, but might not be so awesome at taking a strategic look at the list itself.

You need a marketing audit

A marketing audit is a quick and intense look at your marketing investment (time, tools, money, and outcomes) and comparing the marketing activities with your organization’s goals to determine where they are aligned and where marketing can be improved.

Do you know what your marketing investment is buying? I’m happy to help you figure it out. Download my quick marketing audit worksheet.