Monthly Email from Client: "So-and-so says we should look into Instagram? Thoughts?"

Maybe. Maybe not.

Just because everybody loves Instagram, doesn’t mean it will help you in any way.

In the case of this particular client, I can pretty much guarantee that Instagram will NOT push more clients to his tree trimming service (and he would be ok with me sharing his story…Hi, Jim!).

Because of a simple and consistent look at his KPIs, I know that his non-referral marketing performance is most affected by:

  • 50% effort — SEO - Google page ranking in his territory

  • 30% effort — Google Business Listing & Reviews - Keep bringing in those 5-Stars, bud!

  • 10% effort — Monthly Email Newsletters - Keeping fresh eyes on our awesomeness from the existing clients who love him.

  • 10% effort — A mix of print, in person, and earned media efforts, plus a modest social media presence - Facebook

Yes, we could add Instagram, but it’s likely only going to really help improve our marketing awareness by a thin little amount on the margins. INSTEAD, we’re working on unveiling a LinkedIn campaign for an exciting new B2B service offering that might change the game.

So, no pretty pictures of trees on Insta from us because it would be a lot of marketing hours for minimum sales. And I could say yes and jack up my billings, but I want results, not empty billable hours.

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