5 Reasons Why You Can't DIY Your Rebranding Effort

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“Hey! Are you just trying to sell me rebranding?”

Well, sure. But the truth is, I help small businesses and nonprofits with branding and rebranding, so I thought updating my own identity package would be a snap.

But I was so, so, so wrong. Not only did I need a designer, but I needed an entire team of support - Branding Coach, Logo Designer, Friends Who Aren’t Annoyed When I Send Logo Iterations, and Clients to Give Feedback.

Although I was able to do a large portion of the corporate identity package design, I couldn’t do any of it without coaching and professional help.

Here’s why hiring a pro is the only path forward when you’re talking about identity.

  1. You don’t have the perspective you need on yourself. Whether you’re a small business or a nonprofit, you are way too in the weeds to be open to the type of exploration that a rebranding effort takes. You’re humble. You’re busy. You’ve got too many cooks in the kitchen. You’re self critical. You suffer from imposter syndrome. Any of these sound familiar?

  2. Branding takes multi-disciplines. You need a logo designer, a production designer (for the elements of the brand identity), a copywriter, and someone to interview your stakeholders, listen to what’s in between the lines. Pull out the mood, the sentiment, the emotion from people who believe in and count on your brand promise.

  3. Data doesn’t lie, people might. “Hey! Whaddaya think of my new logo?” Unless your friends and clients and employees are as honest as mine, you’ll get a lot of “I like it!” with a non-committal, uninvested smile and nod. Truth is, the people who “like” your logo (or hate it) might not tell you the truth if they know you’ve worked super hard trying to DIY yourself into the future. Instead, use interviews and surveys to gather the data that informs the new brand.

  4. There are secrets in your closet. What happens when you do a survey? You might get things you never even thought of before. It’s a bonus of a proper rebranding: identifying opportunities, risks, and shortcomings.

  5. It’s worth every penny. Pay professionals and you get professional quality work. Full stop.

Are you looking to refresh your brand? Well, you know what to do.

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