Invest in Something, or Nothing Changes

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I keep hearing words like "it not being in the budget," or "I just can't hand it off" or "I'm too busy to make time" or "it can wait."

I used to say those words about my own business. Then I decided to invest.

Now I am on a path of progress.

Are you? ⁠⁠


⁠⁠Progress = A change from where you currently are to a new place. There is slow progress, negative progress, lateral progress. ⁠⁠

Investment = Intentional or unintentional allocation of resources toward an end. There can be a negative investment (withdrawal), time investment, financial investment, emotional investment. ⁠⁠

Strategy = Using words to intentionally identify where you want your next milestone on the "road of progress" to be. ⁠⁠

Tactics = Actions you take that can be measured.

⁠⁠Staff = Human people who have joined you on your journey. Ideally they will be a positive contribution. ⁠

Step 1:

Identify where you are. Which quadrant are you in? What is your vision for the future? Does it feel possible? Are you investing in getting "there?"

Step 2:

Get help. If it's your board or a mentor or a coach or a consultant, you need to recognize that if you aren't where you want to be there needs to be a strategic investment of resources to make progress toward that end.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. I'd love a lively debate.