Rebranding - Engineering Firm

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A partner-owned private engineering firm looked to our team to refresh its brand identity, developing a new logo, mission, vision, and value statements to prepare the organization for the next phase of growth.  

  • Background and Materiality Assessment                        

  • Corporate Identity Recommendations                                           

Background & Materiality Assessment

Creation of and consultation on delivering branding workshop to corporate leadership based on feedback from employees.  

  • Develop and distribute employee engagement survey

  • Develop branding workshop for management/high-potential employees

  • Interview senior leadership

  • Interview (4) clients

Corporate Identity Recommendations

Creation of corporate identity recommendations based on feedback from employees, clients, and executive leaders.  

  • Logo options + tagline options

  • Visual branding guideline recommendations (colors, fonts, etc.)

  • Written persona/voice recommendations

  • Mission, Vision, Values statements

  • Target audience identification + positioning statements

  • Recommendations for next steps

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